Solfeggio Rife Frequency Generator 1.3.0

Source:Metatron Soft Labs

Vibrational symphatetic resonance medicine is based on the idea that all illness or disease is characterized by a blockage of the energy channels on some level. When there is a blockage, the organ in question stops vibrating at a healthy frequency and thus it results in some kind of illness. So through sound and light one can break up, dissolve and release these blockages that initiate in our etheric body. With proper intent, the pure tones of The Sacred Solfeggio scale can be a powerful force in bringing conscious awareness and vibrational rebalancing to areas of our bodies that are "out of tune". This Program can also generate signals in accordance with the theories of the researcher Royal Rife for use as a Rife Device. Features: Uses standard sound card; Generates frequencies sine/square/triangle. Program download comes with these free extra's included :

* Oscilloscope software * (visualisation of waveform)
* Pdf Ebook - The Solfeggio Scale *
* Pdf Ebook - The Power of Solfeggio *
* Pdf Ebook - CAFL Frequencies *

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